A Massacre

On a recent trip to Utah, I stayed in St. George for a night. While there, I decided to drive north into the Bull Valley Mountains to visit the site of the Mountain Meadow Massacre, an event that has long fascinated me. 1857 was a tumultuous time in the Mormon ruled enclave with mounting pressure … Continue reading A Massacre

Tulare Lake

When driving north from Bakersfield in the San Joaquin Valley today, you will experience a variety of sights from oil rigs to vineyards, dairy barns to orchards, and ultimately croplands stretching to the horizon. The primary impression here is flat, dry and hot. It is surprising to learn that this waterless landscape was once the … Continue reading Tulare Lake


Work has begun on Zack Tolliver, FBI Book #10. Zack and his Navajo friend Eagle Feather become involved in a bewildering mystery in a different location, with another Native American tribe, and new adversaries, but it is the same fast-paced, action-filled adventure fans have come to expect. This as yet untitled novel will be available … Continue reading HOME NEWS