“The Curse Of Matilija” is now an exciting new audio book narrated by Case Matthews. Case’s’ deep, resonant voice enshrouds the listener in a swirling cloud of mystery and intrigue from the opening moments. The reader drifts helplessly into the vortex of Matilija’s curse within a somnambulant, hypnotic tide produced by this narrator’s vibrant expression.

As a film actor, Case knows full well the power of a well delivered line. He presents perceptive voicing of each character while remaining within the natural flow and range of his narration. But when excitement grows, shots are fired, and the characters shout, Mr. Matthews delivers the punch.

In full disclosure, the creation of an audio book can be a tedious task for an author. Consider that the book, once written, must be edited and re-edited, then formatted for eBook and print book, each process involving yet more readings and edits along the way. When producing an audio book, this author listens to each chapter in turn as it is produced, noting edits to the narrator by minutes and seconds, then relistening once the tape has been reposted to assure the correction has been accurately and smoothly made.

Yet, that said, this author found the experience of producing audio with Case Matthews anything but tedious. His expression and interpretation of the characters kept the project stimulating from beginning to end. I believe the listener will agree.

An author’s characters, particularly in a series of books, become special to him. At creation, the writer imagines them in a particular way. It can be as wrenching releasing them into the realm of the diverse perceptions and opinions of readers as it can be to release a child into adulthood. Once that Rubicon has been crossed, the characters belong to the world. Case parented my characters in The Curse of Matilija with discerning sensitivity.

Case Matthews

Case Matthews is an American film and television actor and audiobook narrator known for his work on Better Call Saul, Roswell, MacGruber the series on Peacock, and Robots. When not working on a film project, Mr. Matthews enjoys walking his Weimaraner named William Elvis and riding his long board.

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