Zack Tolliver FBI Mystery Series

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TULARE earns Amazon #1 New Book banner for Native American Literature!

A family of four and their dog found dead at the dinner table. No sign of violence. No evidence of intruders. Accident, mass suicide, or foul play?

Zack Tolliver is called to California’s Central Valley to investigate this mystery, still haunted by an unsettling, recurring dream he does not understand.

Amazon Review for The Curse of Matilija

“Great story, great job––every chapter was thrilling.This may be your best one ever! Glad Maria is back. Would like to see more of her. And all that scientific research. Wow!”

ARC Reader, columnist Pamela Dozois

“This story starts with the theft of a virulent potential bio weapon. In the middle, we see the talented, accomplished, unbelievably lethal assassin, Maria. While the Native Americans in the story have their spirits, Maria is an evil spirit all to her self. Her abilities are unsurpassed.”

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“Lost Oasis is the most intense and dazzling Zack Tolliver book so far, and they’re all thrilling, well-researched mysteries!”

“Great writing and lots of twist and turns. Could not put it down.”

“Unbelievable action scenes. Heroes pulling off super human escapes. Bad guys countering. Exhausting!”

“Another enjoyable Zack Tolliver novel. One of the best stories in the series”


Readers’ Favorite International Book Contest 2021 Silver Medal Winner Fiction/Mystery/Murder

“Modern science and high technology come up against deeply rooted Native American cultures and ancient rituals in this Zack Tolliver, FBI, story, where the Goblin rocks and barren flats of Joshua Tree National Park surround the rugged Eagle Mountains. A world-class scientist goes missing while consulting on a high-stakes project, the construction of an electric storage battery in the deserted pits of the old Kaiser Iron mines. Did this eccentric world-renown hydrologist simply wander off? Or was his fate more ominous? FBI Supervisory Agent Janice Hooper assigns Zack Tolliver, FBI, to the investigation. When someone plants a bomb in his Jeep the day he arrives, Zack realizes there is more at stake than anyone knew. Soon he finds himself in a desperate duel with an unknown assassin who may very well be more than his match.”

The series prequel, new for 2019, THE DARK ROAD: The Beginning, takes us to…well…the beginning, when Zack Tolliver, newly minted FBI agent first arrives in Navajo Land. Only months removed from NAT (New Agent Trainee) status at the National Academy at Quantico, Zack Tolliver, FBI, stands on the dusty tarmac at the Tuba City airfield and watches the small plane that brought him here become a black dot in an endless blue sky. Everything he has known from a middle-class upbringing in Maryland has gone with it. He career begins now in Navajo Nation as the liaison between the FBI and the Navajo Nation Police – and no one from the Academy is here to hold his hand!  


Book Six of the Zack Tolliver, FBI Series, CANAAN’S SECRET is here!

Give me a book that opens with what looks like a religious ritual killing of an abducted teen male on top of Canaan Mountain, Utah, several possible explanations and very few clues, and an author who knows how to keep readers dangling, and you’ve got me from the first page.”

Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite


Nominated for TopShelf Indie Book Award

Book One of the Zack Tolliver, FBI series, THE OTHER. OtherFINAL

“The hunters noticed the circling birds against the rose-tinted sky above the rimrock and saw where  the flat rays of the early morning  sun glinted on something that didn’t belong there and the three of them walked that way.” So begins FBI agent Zack Tolliver’s hunt for a vicious and clever child killer.

Five Star Review from Reader’s Favorite



MestaclocanMESTACLOCAN  (Meh-Stah-cloh-can) is an Aztec Shape Shifter. When an early morning phone call from an old friend, now a homicide detective in San Francisco brings news of a third murder victim, her throat slashed as by an animal, FBI agent Zack Tolliver is called to assist. But what deadly creature will they pursue?

“I loved it. It kept me on the edge of my seat every lunch hour – I couldn’t wait to get back to it.   Super job.”  P. Dozios: SYV News



“ZACA is one great ride. It serves up everything I need for a page-turning read.”   Barbara Hodges, Author

For FBI agent Zack Tolliver, a trip to the Central Coast of California turns into dangerous business when he becomes immersed in a case involving drug smuggling, murder, and an old enemy. The clues don’t add up, the victims pile up, and the danger deepens.


“CAT is a lovely, fast-paced mystery that will hold readers’ attention…It is a well-developed story and R Lawson Gamble’s writing style makes every scene and setting visible to readers. ”   Michelle Stanley: Readers’ Favorite

A mountain lion hunts its hunters, a client is injured, Eagle Feather is consumed by guilt.  Zack must help his friend and mentor hunt it down. But he soon learns this is no ordinary cat, and this will be no ordinary hunt.

Faced with an apparent double suicide in the desert wastes of the Mojave National Preserve, Zack Tolliver, FBI, Professor Susan Apgar, and Eagle Feather must discover if a crime was committed and solve it before they too become victims. 

In this fifth novel of the Zack Tolliver, FBI series readers will find all the elements of an exciting crime suspense mystery: lost treasure, romance, a western gunfight, and ancient Indian mythology.

“Living both the past and the present creates a tension that makes the story work beautifully.”   Jack Magnus, Reviewer; READERS’ FAVORITE




LAS CRUCES, book seven, builds upon an actual triple murder in Las Cruces, California, in 1864 that was never solved. Fast forward a century and a half, and a woman’s burnt body is discovered in the same location. Strange metal bands, fused by the heat, surround the body, the remnants of a hoop skirt? FBI agent Zack Tolliver, FBI, and Eagle Feather are stretched to their limits.

Great combination of police work and just a hint of the supernatural. Eagle Feather always brings it for his Native Americans as well. Right, White Man? Ha…good story, good friends.” Amazon Reviewer