Work has begun on Zack Tolliver, FBI Book #10. Zack and his Navajo friend Eagle Feather become involved in a bewildering mystery in a different location, with another Native American tribe, and new adversaries, but it is the same fast-paced, action-filled adventure fans have come to expect. This as yet untitled novel will be available in late Spring 2022. As always, it will be a stand alone novel and while reading previous books in the series is unnecessary, they do help establish the relationships of the the characters and possibly hint at an antagonist or two.

“Johnny And The Comanche”, book #3 in the Johnny Alias series, has sold well in its debut as an ebook. Expect the paperback version soon. Readers have noticed the elements of Texas history within which the plot is woven, adding to the substance of the story and believability. As the reviewer for Readers’ Favorite wrote, “Each character has their own unique personality and Lawson does a fantastic job of bringing them all to life, from Buffalo Soldiers to Texas Rangers and Indian tribes…Johnny and the Comanche truly is a fantastic novel highly recommended to all adults.”

Nuff said. On a personal note, the author is engaged in several long term writing projects and is training for a half marathon technical trail run in April, and taking riding lessons at a local ranch to understand more about Rein horses and horsemanship. With the (hopeful) decline of Coronavirus he expects to become more active in book events this year. Jabbed and boosted, he’s already ventured out into the wide world a bit.

Let this be the breakout year for all of us. If we’ve learned nothing else, we realize now how enjoyable every normal day can be! May there be more.

R Lawson Gamble

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