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Read about Filming Zorro in our latest blog post, how a French Film Crew came to little Los Alamos to discover the story of Salomon Pico and the Los Alamos Valley!



New Book in the Works: Look for CANAAN’S SECRET due in May 2018, the latest ZACK TOLLIVER adventure!








Zack Tolliver, FBI series novel number five:

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Author Events in the works for 2018 include:

A presentation of Salomon Pico; The Real Zorro?  for The Santa Maria Historical Society/The Valley Speaks (TBA)

Signing and Selling my books in the Avila Room at Trilogy-Monarch Dunes Center in Nipoma Sunday, March 18, from 11 AM to 3 PM. Come see me there.




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Enjoy this review of PAYU’S JOURNEY AT Dogpatch Press.





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Listen to the Barbara Hodges interview of the authors R Lawson Gamble and John R Beyer found here.





Photo from June 3, 2017 Book Signing (Los Alamos Valley) at Costco, Santa Maria



 R Lawson Gamble




The audio book version of CAT is now available at Amazon, narrated by Thomas Block. Riveting. Spooky. Right here. Soon to be available at iTunes.





Read an article about the launch of CAT here.

Tolliver Tales

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ZACA rated Five Stars from READERS FAVORITE. Read on.

Jack Magnus for Readers Favorite: ZACA is a murder mystery written R. Lawson Gamble. Zack is currently a supervisory agent for the FBI, but for over ten years he had been the FBI liaison for the Navajo nation in Tuba City, Arizona. He’s in California to participate in a lecture presentation given by his friend, Dr. Susan Apgar, on the possible existence of an undiscovered species that had evolved differently than homo sapiens. While he’s there, the body of an immigrant worker is found in a remote area of the San Rafael Wilderness. He had been shot in the head, but what was confounding the investigators was the large pool of blood they found nearby. Something or someone had killed the victim’s attacker, based on the amount of blood found, but there was neither a body nor a trail to be discovered. Zack’s afternoon spent assisting in the investigation becomes an open-ended assignment when the local authorities clear it with his boss.

R. Lawson Gamble’s paranormal mystery, ZACA is exciting, fast-paced and beautifully plotted. I loved following Zack and the investigators as they go off-road and hike through the California wilderness. Gamble’s descriptions of the surrounding environs are sharply defined and detailed, and they make you feel as if you are along for the adventure. This is the first Zack Tolliver story I’ve read, but I had no problems with reading it on its own. I also enjoyed reading about the local area Chumash history, mythology and tribal traditions that are entwined throughout the plot. Zack is a marvelous main character, and he and his sidekick, Eagle Feather, complement each other perfectly. This well-plotted and suspenseful story works on so many different levels. I’m quite pleased to have discovered Gamble’s Zack Tolliver, FBI mystery series and am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series. ZACA is most highly recommended.

THE OTHER receives review award from READERS FAVORITE. Read Five Star review of THE OTHER HERE.

Brenda Castro for Readers Favorite: The Other takes its readers on a suspense-filled mystery that really had me torn between the idea that the killer might be human or supernatural. The plot pulled me in and kept me riveted as each twist made me feel like I knew what would transpire next, only to be led in a different direction. Descriptive writing sets the scene, providing a visually stimulating picture of the setting, while also creating interesting, realistic characters. I enjoyed the relationship that developed between Zack and Libby, and Blue the bloodhound provided a few laughs! Mr. Gamble has the ability to express emotion with his choice of words, providing a real glimpse of the friendship between Zack and Eagle Feather! I loved the paranormal aspects and it was obvious that Mr. Gamble did his research where Navajo legends and lore are concerned. I found myself fascinated by the idea of the mythological creature the Navajo call the Skinwalker. A fast-paced, suspense-filled mystery, with a blending of Native American lore, made this a fascinating read that kept its momentum until the shocking end!

From SYV News Lifestyle  Editor Pamela Dozios About THE OTHER:

“I read your book a couple of weeks ago and have been meaning to write you to say what a terrific read it was. I normally don’t read fiction, but it grabbed me in the first couple of paragraphs and I couldn’t put it down. It was well written, interesting subject matter, great characters – it just kept moving right along and I just loved it.”



“I loved it. It kept me on the edge of my seat every lunch hour – I couldn’t wait to get back to it. Super job.”


I’m a history buff and fiction writer living in writer’s paradise, the Central Coast of California. Here are some of my interviews:

Joe Payne of the Santa Maria Sun interviewed me for the paper. You can find it on-line here.

We enjoyed a great chat with Barbara M Hodges on her Red River Radio blog talk show NO LIMITS. Listen to it  hereBe patient or advance to the second half hour. Another guest is first.

The January Issue of the on-line magazine Mysterical-E includes an interview with author R Lawson Gamble. Punch Archives, January 2015. Take a peek.


The Other is available through Amazon. Paperback versions of The Other are available at all the usual retailers, on or off-line, and additionally direct from RLawsonGamble.com.

Other recommended sites:





New Old West Sites



THE OTHER is available in PAPERBACK for your book shelf!  Available for $11.99 at Amazon,  Tower Books, and CreateSpace.

Mestaclocan is also available at Oyster and Flipkart through Smashword.





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7 thoughts on “R Lawson Gamble Official Site

  1. I have enjoyed reading the first three Tolliver novels, and look forward to reading the others. That being said, as a veteran of 30+ years in Santa Barbara County law enforcement it was confusing to me that Barnard changed from Police Chief to a member of the Sheriff’s Department as the story progressed. In addition the ‘State Police’ do not function in a criminal investigation role in California. The DOJ lab could well have been on the scene though. Obviously most readers of fiction would not have noticed this. I myself enjoyed the read and offer my kudos.

    • Thank you , Donald, for your comment. I had not realized Barnard was so loose with his job description, nor understood the limitations of the State Troopers. I shall correct these things in the next edition. I am grateful. R Lawson Gamble

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