FREE LAS CRUCES & Other Business

Happy New Year! May Omicron, Flurona, Deltacron, and any and all manifestations of illness go away this year! In the meantime, we will help your leisure moments pass enjoyably with FREE BOOKS, gifted intermittently through the Spring. First will be LAS CRUCES, Zack Tolliver #7, free this Saturday, January 15, all day, at Based upon a true event, a triple murder a century and a half ago, Zack faces reflections of the past when motorists report the apparition of a burning woman in the dark recesses of Gaviota Gorge. Don’t miss out. Our last free book was claimed by over 1500 readers!

Be sure never to miss a free book event! Check our new BULLETIN BOARD page at Here we list upcoming free book events, countdowns, book sale events, and anything else of interest to Zack Tolliver fans.

Watch for the third book in the JOHNNY ALIAS series, JOHNNY AND THE COMANCHE to become available next month. Johnny rides into Texas history on the lonely Staked Plains of the Texas Panhandle when he encounters Mackenzie’s Buffalo Soldiers on their way to battle the Comanche and Kiowa. Johnny, as always, gets caught in the middle.

Zack Tolliver, FBI #10 is underway, projected for publication in late Spring 2022. That’s all we can say for now, but WE are excited!

That’s the news for now. Drop in to just to check what’s happening or to leave a comment. We love hearing from you.

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