The third book in the Johnny Alias lineup, Johnny And The Comanche, is now available on pre-sale on Amazon.com. Johnny has left the town of Hebron leaving four men dead in the streets and now seeks refuge from the gunfighters wanting to challenge him. He heads to the loneliest place in Texas, the Llano Estacado in the Texas Panhandle, where a man can get lost from civilization – inhabited only by Indians, Comancheros, and buffalo hunters.

But the Staked Plains are even more dangerous now, with the Comanche and Kiowa raiding, and the Texas Rangers and the Buffalo Soldiers under Colonel Mackenzie hunting them. And it’s a dry year in a very hot place.

It’s a new Johnny with a new alias for this story, a narrative style with our young hero facing overwhelming odds to survive. The enveloping story line is true Texas history, with real historic characters and events, but within it, Johnny is Johnny. Oh, and a little romance…

We’ve livened up our cover with this colorful imagery from Kristalynn Designs but the overall look for the series remains pure Johnny. We know you’ll enjoy this story. The Author

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