The results of a review from READERS’ FAVORITE for Johnny And The Comanche came back today (actually last night a 4 am when my watch announced the email). I have great respect for the reviews from this organization and apply for them regularly. They are free (unless you want a speed-up, in which case they are inexpensive), but more important (to me), the reviewer breaks the review down into five categories (appearance, plot, development, formatting, marketability) with an individual grade (1-5) for each, and an overall grade. Johnny And The Comanche earned an overall 5.

Fours and fives are not easily earned. The reviewers are avid readers, skilled in analytical processing, and excited about their genres. We have submitted several books to Readers’ Favorite and have so far received a rating of five for each of them, but never with a perfect score, including this one, which received a composite 23 out of 25.

The review reads as follows:Johnny and the Comanche is a thrilling novel, the tale of one man’s survival being dependent on another. Author R Lawson Gamble has a unique writing style, fast-paced, and filled with action. The scenes and locations are beautifully described, including the canyons, deserts, and oases. Each character has their own unique personality and Lawson does a fantastic job of bringing them all to life, from Buffalo Soldiers to Texas Rangers and Indian tribes. I especially enjoyed the way Lawson includes each character’s own traditions and rituals; he has clearly done his research. Johnny and the Comanche truly is a fantastic novel highly recommended to all adults.”

“Johnny And The Comanche” can be pre-purchased this next week at Amazon. Following publication on February 25, it will continue to be listed on the author page as an ebook. The paperback version is expected with a few weeks.

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