The first issue of the Strand Magazine was published in January, 1891, named for its location off the Strand, London. Herbert Greenhough Smith was the editor from 1891 to 1930. The magazine enjoyed great popularity from the start, publishing factual pieces as well as short stories and serialized fiction. Smith aimed the content at mass … Continue reading THE STRAND MAGAZINE

The Matilija Poppy

(DISCLOSURE WARNING! This article reveals some content (not specifics) that could be spoilers for fans of Zack Tolliver, FBI novels.)  What does the tiny flower on the cover have to do with the  newest Zack Tolliver, FBI novel, THE CURSE OF MATILIJA? Read on. In writing THE CURSE OF MATILIJA (muh-TILL-uh-hah), we explored some new roads … Continue reading The Matilija Poppy