Book one of the JOHNNY ALIAS western series, JOHNNY AND THE KID, begins at the beginning in Deep River, Texas, where a young Johnny and his widowed mother make their home. Deep River was a few scattered buildings baking in the sun threatening to blow away altogether until a cattle drive came that way. Johnny’s ma made enough to get by from her job at the saloon. Then Johnny found a job with a startup newspaper, and in its owner, Ike Sanders, a mentor. Johnny’s ma was able to quit work at the saloon. Things were looking up – until the gunfighter came to town.

The character development is so well done that it’s as if Johnny was sitting in my living room telling the story. The plots and subplots are wonderful. I loved the who’s who that kept the suspense heightened. It’s the best book I’ve read this year. Well done!” Fiona – Edit at Readers’ Favorite.

Book two of the JOHNNY ALIAS western series, Johnny And The Preacher, finds Johnny on the run, not from the law, but from the gunslingers who want to try their skills against him. He needs a place to lie low. Where better than the idyllic town of Hebron where everybody attends church and the Preacher is the highest authority?

“I was in Johnny’s head, in his heart, and standing next to him with my own imaginary Colt 45. I just loved all the characters – they were so well constructed. I felt like I was right there with them every step of the way. I couldn’t put it down. I actually read it twice! Johnny And The Preacher is a fantastic tale!” Pamela Dozois – Santa Ynez Valley Star.