Free for a Fee

Yes, from Google and others of the same ilk comes the sales concept of “free”. Give away meaningful things in a forthright manner and people will remember;  you will store up their good will, excite their curiosity, and eventually, there will be a payday. It works.

Book Back Cover

Everything about the publication and marketing of my novel THE OTHER is imbedded in that concept. When ever possible, I have done the work myself. No cost. But I have made sure that the product is top quality. Only when I could not insure such quality because I lacked the skills or ability have I paid to have it done.

And then I take my blood, sweat, and tears and give it all away. First, my Ebook. I gave it away over Facebook to my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances for a predetermined period of time. After that, back to full price (It’s interesting that free is so much more appealing than $1.99). My free offering opened a lot of channels that led to sales.

Even my paperback edition, which costs me a little over $5 each to order, I give away. I give them to friends and supporters in a calculated and limited manner. I expect that they will talk about it, maybe show off the author’s signature and so spur sales. But the most meaningful give-away is to libraries and other public and private institutions where many readers have access to it. And, hopefully, will spread the word.

Giving my personal time and talent is another productive freebie. I offer to speak at these same libraries and bookstores and retailers. For free. About writing, about my book, about my book’s characters – about anything that refers back to my book. And I seek permission to sell the book at that venue. It’s win – win.

The important goal of all of this free gifting is to promote familiarity not just with my book and its cover, but  with me,  the author. Facial recognition in association with my book is critical. I want to be recognized,  to be remembered in association with my work. So I send my photo around when I send my book; I keep it visible. I put it with the book on a sales poster, or on the back cover of the book. It says that I stand by this product. And in the future, when my photo is associated with another book or product, people will remember. And if what they remember is positive,they will buy.

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