Excerpted “Author R Lawson Gamble has published the 10th novel in his “Zack Tolliver, FBI” series titled “TULARE.” The long awaited novel is now on pre-sale at Amazon.com. The longest book of the series, so far, takes the reader from the Navajo Nation, where the story begins, to California’s Central Valley, where Tolliver and Eagle … Continue reading TULARE AUTHOR INTERVIEW with the SANTA YNEZ STAR


Books and wine go together like a horse and carriage, or for those too young for that pairing - pen and paper, toast and jam, keyboard and monitor, government and taxes - take your pick. Here in central California, books and wine are most appropriately paired. Which is why I hold author events at vineyards … Continue reading BOOKS AND WINE


As recently as 1850, Tulare Lake, in the San Joaquin Valley, was the largest body of water in the United States west of the Great Lakes, its shores thick with cattails and tule reeds, speckled with brilliant wild flowers, and inhabited by migratory waterfowl and birds of every description. Deer, antelope, and elk drank from … Continue reading Tulare

A Massacre

On a recent trip to Utah, I stayed in St. George for a night. While there, I decided to drive north into the Bull Valley Mountains to visit the site of the Mountain Meadow Massacre, an event that has long fascinated me. 1857 was a tumultuous time in the Mormon ruled enclave with mounting pressure … Continue reading A Massacre

Tulare Lake

When driving north from Bakersfield in the San Joaquin Valley today, you will experience a variety of sights from oil rigs to vineyards, dairy barns to orchards, and ultimately croplands stretching to the horizon. The primary impression here is flat, dry and hot. It is surprising to learn that this waterless landscape was once the … Continue reading Tulare Lake