Launch Book in your Home Town

Here’s a tip – stay local to get started in your book marketing.


Consider: out there on the worldwide social media you are one among billions of authors. Where’s your edge? On Amazon, and other retail sites, you are one in millions. Even in magazines and newspapers in your country you are one in hundreds of thousands of people who write and want to be noticed. But in your hometown, in your neighborhood, you might be one of few writers – maybe the only game in town.

I was so advised. Try local retailers for a venue, they said. See if local gathering places will post your flyers. Invite friends and neighbors – people get a kick out of  knowing a novelist, an author, a published poet.

They were right. My Book Launch is less than a week away. And no one, not one person, retailer, shop owner, neighbor or friend has said ‘no’. I distributed flyers today – I ran out after three stores. They all want more. They all want part of the action. People are just as excited about the Book launch as I am.

The moral to the story is, as Nike says: ‘Just Do It’. Ask. Assume that people will come aboard. Because…they will.

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