A Pre-Launch Party?

Okay, so what is it? And why do it?

Book Back Cover

Why not thank your most ardent supporters and fans, friends, neighbors, or anyone who has had a special role in the production of your book? Invite them to your home or similar intimate venue a week or so prior to you book launch, treat them to drinks and finger food, and talk about your book. Why? As a dry run.

You may have a limited number of book launches in your writing career. Your learning curve will be short. So why not present the activities you have in mind for your launch at a pre-launch party, among friends and supporters? Get a preview of how your activities may work out. Did you select the right passage from your book to read? Is your synopsis too long? Are people nodding off as you describe your book? Just as it is critical to use precisely the right words for your book’s back page, so it is to use just the right words at your launch. You will only have the one shot.

And there are other benefits. You can try out your display, you can listen to questions and comments, you can learn what people want to know; what interests them about your book.  And you can stir up interest for the coming book launch.

At my recent pre-launch party I decorated my home to match the locality and theme of my book. I had samples of my book available so that people could look at it, feel it, pass it around. It was an opportunity to try out my display and my presentation. I found that both needed more work. I now feel confident that I will be ready for the launch party.

And…I sold some books.

I plan to add a pre-launch party to every book launch I present. It’s good for everyone…and it’s fun!

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