Launch Party?

Once my paperback was successfully published on CreateSpace, I needed to turn my head back to marketing. I had read advice that in essence was a recommendation to start advertising locally and move outward in successive waves of proliferation, advice that made sense to me. It is important, the advice continued, to have personal contact in some way with prospective buyers. Again, pure logic. The best way to do this, I decided, was a launch party presented right in the middle of my town. My town is small, and has a middle.  But even those large towns without a middle have neighborhoods, within which a launch party could be organized.

I looked about for a venue. There is a winemaking shop in town, Bedford Winery, with a pleasant veranda and chairs and tables. As this is California, an April Launch party out doors is completely feasible. I approached the shop and was welcomed. After all, in such a cooperative venture my success becomes their success. I learned to my surprise that my launch will not be their first; they have apparently done several.

A cooperative venture such as this makes life much easier. Bedford will advertise the event in their usual places, and I will send invitations and notify friends and colleagues in my own sphere of influence. The owner and I arrived at a mutually agreeable albeit rough plan for events at the party and we will touch base as it draws nearer. And I will continue this report as it draws nearer as well.

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