No, not the leather version for your horse – we mean the JOHNNY ALIAS SADDLEBAG, containing the first two Johnny ebook stories. The book set will be free from Friday, February 26 through Sunday, February 28 at This is the first time free for this book set, in anticipation of a third volume, JOHNNY AND THE COMANCHE, due later this year.

Johnny is a young gunfighter. He did not choose this path. As happened with many nonfiction gunfighters like Billy The Kid, Johnny fell into circumstances that forced him down this road. The eventual outcome for most gunfighters is death. Johnny is very fast, very accurate, very good. But there is always someone faster and better. Isn’t there?

Johnny’s friends say he is a good person. He has a mother who loves him. He wants to help people, he is attracted to pretty girls, he like dances and social events like all other young men. But he also kills. There are those who will not let him settle down, who pursue him to add tho their own reputations, who give him no choice. What can he do?

Be sure to take advantage of this FREE offer for a twosome of pure entertainment and a little TEXAS history. You won’t be disappointed.

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