Lost Oasis is Free Friday – But why Free Books?

A news reporter called it “the best book in the Tolliver Series”, and judging from its 91 reviews with a 4.5 Amazon rating since its publication in June, 2020, many readers agree. But why give it away?

When I look for a new book to read, my quandary is “what author do I trust?” The risk in selecting a book is not so much about the price as it is about the time investment I am about to make. If I select the wrong book for me, I risk ruining my evening. That is why I tend to return to the same author time and again.

There are many great authors out there, writing the kinds of books I love to read, but how do I find them? Obviously, my pool of loved authors will run out and I will once again be left in the wilderness of unknowns. Who do you trust? A friend? A columnist? A reading group? A book cover? It seems there is no good answer.

That is why I make my books free from time to time. It lessens the risk. If you don’t like what you are reading, if I don’t draw you in within a few pages, put it aside and try again. It is easier to let it go if cost you nothing.

While every author tries to describe their work for you as best they can, short synopsizes and one word categories don’t go far to assist. There’s nothing for it but to dive in. And to my mind, a free book gives me a life jacket.

So give LOST OASIS a try on Friday, March 5, and if you aren’t drawn in by the writing, the mystery, the characters, the ambiance – drop it like a hot poker. Why not? It’s free!

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