ACX has just released LOST OASIS by R Lawson Gamble in audio format narrated by Louis B. Jack. The trial lawyer, actor, voice-over artist, singer, and audio book narrator has his own following from his previous narrations, including Willa Cather’s “One Of Ours”. His narration has added something special to LOST OASIS, already a popular Zack Tolliver, FBI mystery in its own right, with 83 reviews and 4.5 stars on Amazon since its release in June, 2020.

LOST OASIS is a complex mystery involving multiple sub plots, true life political machinations, gigantic corporations, leading edge technologies, and primitive cultural legends and mysticism, all challenging our heroes Zack Tolliver and Eagle Feather, all contained between the covers of this “can’t put it down” novel.

Mr. Jack brings the mystery to the mystery with his clipped, tension-building sentences, timely pauses, and quiet intensity. His inflection and muted understatement is just right for the dry humor exchanged between Eagle Feather and Zack along the way. His reading of the final scene, particularly difficult for a narrator due to its complexity (don’t worry, no reveal here), is especially well done.

The author has a number of free audible book promo copies of LOST OASIS to offer. You may acquire one by emailing, so long as they last.

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