Another Look At Salomon Pico

It seems like ages since I last spent time on my research of the Zorro-like bandit, Salomon Pico. Back then, I wrote blogs, delivered lectures, and even took part in a documentary film on the subject for European TV. But over time, my writing consumed more hours of every day, and research and marketing for the Zack Tolliver, FBI series took the rest.

R Lawson Gamble in Arte Documentary

A few years ago, I heard from a direct descendant of Salomon who was just learning about his famous/notorious antecedent. His family had not spoken of their connection to the outlaw and Bill was ready to learn all he could. I helped a bit, but he went on with his own research and we lost touch. I occasionally come across his emails and feel a tug at my conscience for letting the matter drop.

As often happens in such situations, it takes a few generations for the family feelings about a notorious relative to change from reluctance to discuss the connection, to interest and acceptance. When this occurs, when descendants share, new facts sprout up like flowers in spring.

I have long put off writing the book I had planned about Salomon. Recently, I vowed to begin the journey. Returning to my research, I was amazed by the abundance of new details I learned in just a few, short hours. Just as an example, I found two additional spouses/partners with whom Salomon produced offspring and more details about the life and death of his first wife. And so the quest begins anew.

This project will take a long time. There are still many gaps in the life of this complex man. I will need to fit the project in among ongoing projects and promises. But this time, I intend to keep the fires burning. When COVID goes away, I will impart what I have learned in lectures. Meanwhile, I’ll share in the form of blogs such as this one from time to time.

If you have an interest in the man who inspired Johnston McCulley to write “The Curse of Capistrano”, later known as “The Mark of Zorro”, stay tuned (or if your question won’t wait, write me at

2 thoughts on “Another Look At Salomon Pico

  1. My name is Dena Jones y Pico de Perkins. My family on both sides came over on the de Anza expedition all in the military. During COVID I have acquired 250 years of family history. I spent the last year traveling California trying to donate to museums but am disappointed at how hard it is to give something of importance away! I have connected all the banditos and am shocked at how they are all connected. How they helped each other from San Diego to San Francisco and everything in between. There was more than one zorro all same Andalusian horses and same outfits striking in different areas at the same time as planned at the rendezvous spot! I am in Ripon CA currently and would love to connect and help each other. I’m writing all this down but don’t know how to turn into a book. I thought we could collaborate to actually get it done. Please email and then we can talk and go from there. Btw…which uncle salomon’s ranch are you on? Tuolumne/stanislaus or Santa Maria? I believe I have the land grants. Look forward to hearing from you.

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