Someone or something prowls the dark paths and walkways of San Francisco’s green spaces preying upon unwary innocents. None have seen it, although some have heard its chilling howl in the stillness of the early hours and hurried on to the safety and comfort of their homes. When the body is found the next morning, with its throat ripped out as from a slavering beast, no clues are to be found; no footprints, no disturbances, nothing to lead to the culprit. The police have nothing helpful to tell Zack Tolliver, FBI when he is assigned to the case. Except that it kills every nine days––and the next killing is just days away!

This thrilling story from R Lawson Gamble will be FREE on Amazon this Wednesday and Thursday, January 6th and 7th. This tense tale is guaranteed to absorb you (and perhaps steal your mind away from other matters). Enjoy!

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