Begin Again! The Dark Road

With a light at the end of a long tunnel for most of us, there is still a long path of darkness ahead. What, then, is more appropriate than to give away the first book in the Zack Tolliver, FBI series, THE DARK ROAD? And, with that thought, why not give away the entire series bit by bit to help us through the next few months?

So we begin with THE DARK ROAD this very weekend, free on Sunday 12/20 and Monday 12/21 for your tablet, phone, or Kindle from This novelette is the prequel to the series, thus an appropriate place to start when meeting Zack, Eagle Feather, Jimmy, and the gang. Not to mention a whopping whodunnit murder mystery in Navajo Nation.

Next on our free list will be Mestoclocan. Some dark predator prowls the streets of San Francisco, as if the city doesn’t have enough problems! it kills every nine days, but leaves no clues. The city is in a panic. Can Zack and Eagle Feather find the killer before he strikes again? Free dates TBA.

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