An Old Time Western

Yes, I have written an old-time western, the sort of book I’ve always wanted to write. Think T.T. Flynn, Louis L’Amour, early Elmore Leonard or less lengthy Larry McMurtry. Think the tiny town in post Civil War Texas surviving solely through the occasional off-course cattle drive, the widowed woman and her young son scrounging to make ends meet, the vibrant saloon, the robber gang, the Texas Ranger hunting them down––it’s all there.

Not to worry, Zack Tolliver and Eagle Feather will continue to solve mysterious murders and face up to the spirit world right on schedule in the ZACK TOLLIVER, FBI novel series with the usual unusual history, Native American mythology, enchanting landscapes and unique individuals that earmark them. That series continues, the next novel due mid-spring 2020.

This book, however, is pure entertainment, pure fiction, pure fun, and excitement. The title is JOHNNY AND THE KID. I expect it will be available for pre-sale purchase soon on Amazon with the publication date of December 15, 2019. It is my holiday gift to you––and to myself.

I did not pour over old tomes, spend hours locating court records or read old newspaper articles for this novel. Instead, my research involved rereading the earmarked old-time westerns clinging to their dusty shelves. I just wrote. In short, I was doing what I love to do.

I hope in reading it you will be doing what you love to do as well. Watch for it on Amazon Books under Kindle Hot New Releases beginning this month, November 15.

For those who are interested in book metadata and detail, I have written JOHNNY AND THE KID in the first person POV throughout. It was an interesting challenge yielding positive results. My formatting includes a single line space between all paragraphs sans indent, styled after Loki’s Publishing re-release of THE VIRGINIAN (this nod should not be taken as blanket approval of all Loki’s Publishing products––they happened to get this one just right). The work will appear initially as a Kindle Book and soon after publication (again December 15) be followed by the physical volume. KDesigns will create the cover.

If you love westerns, particularly those that lead inevitably to a great shootout at the end, this one is for you.

One thought on “An Old Time Western

  1. I so enjoy your books because they’re very well written. I actually will stop reading a poorly written book no matter the subject matter. I’m a voracious reader and read all of your books as well as your newsletter. Thank you.

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