Tolliver Tales December Issue


New Western Novel
This newest novel from R Lawson Gamble is a change of pace from his ZACK TOLLIVER, FBI series, a hard-riding Western full of action and great new characters. Just the thing for an escape into the Old West, it is now on Amazon for pre-purchase. Real fiction, fast and fun. Buy your copy now for $2.99 before the post-publication price goes up!

You may not have noticed the cover of LAS CRUCES is laid out upon a map of the original land grant. An old adobe remains, although in ruins. The area is still wild and open, now a California State Park, and much of the tantalizing history may still be found by those who know where to look for it. The novel already has twenty positive reviews.

CANAAN’S SECRET, ZACK TOLLIVER, FBI Book #6 took a Bronze in the Readers Favorite International Book Contest in the most difficult category of Fiction>Mystery>Murder. We are proud of Zack. This award came with an invitation to the formal award ceremony, a posh event in Miami where a medallion was presented to winning authors, although we declined to attend. It occurred during the Miami Book Fair, considered the nation’s premier literary festival where CANAAN’S SECRET was sold in the Readers Favorite booth.

Closer to home, at 99 years of age, the author’s mother is a first-time author! We published her children’s book CHURCH PIGEON this past month. It has been extremely well received in the retirement home and by mom’s church where she holds the title of the oldest parishioner. She is scheduled for several talks and a visit from the Deacon.

September was a busy month. Our first event was at Talley Winery in Arroyo Grande on September 8. We joined several local authors to discuss our books and helped raise funds for P.E.O. which finances young women’s education. On September 22 at ZACA MESA WINERY the author read and discussed excerpts from ZACA, Zack Tolliver book #3 (you may remember the novel takes place in the vicinity of that winery). We were under a tree in the beautiful Grenache Blanc Vineyard. At the end of the month, we attended the James Ersfeld Symposium on Western Writing at Great Falls, Montana in the C.M. Russell Museum (a special place). The trip was shortened by a freak blizzard which we barely escaped with a flight to Salt Lake City. A frozen stabilizer made for an exciting landing there.

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