In October, Readers Reach for MESTACLOCAN

With the advent of Hallowe’en the question of which of the Zack Tolliver, FBI, novels is the scariest has occupied my mind. All have suspenseful moments, as intended, but some, because of paranormal or supernatural elements involved in a greater portion of the plot take the suspense to a higher level. This question comes to mind because I am sometimes asked to do author readings during October, this season of witches, goblins, and graves.

Last season, I drew from moments in several of my novels. This method provided the greatest collection of thrills, perhaps, but less continuity. After watching sales of MESTACLOCAN eBooks and pages on Amazon rise during this season, I decided to excerpt all my readings from that particular novel.

In MESTACLOCAN, the second novel in the series, the terror begins immediately as the reader becomes privy to the thoughts of a shapeshifting creature that preys upon unwary humans in the green spaces of San Francisco. Zack and Eagle Feather follow a tortuous path of clues on the trail of someone or something of great power, ruthlessness, and intelligence – a predator of ferocious cruelty and appetite. There is increasing urgency to their task when they discern a chronological pattern to the killings: they occur every nine days. And, of course, the next is almost upon them.

The reader follows the victims to their doom as each step up to the moment of death is chronocled. Piecing together the thoughts of both predator and victims increases the tension and horror of the story. The deaths seem inevitable. There is no stopping this creature.

The final haunted stalking of his selected victims by the monster along the paths of Lands End under a full moon through the patches of fog, punctuated by unearthly howls, will not fail to elevate the heart rate of the reader.

Each novel in the Zack Tolliver, FBI, series differs not only by plot and physical location but also by the degree of mysticism and supernatural content. MESTACLOCAN has the most of the latter. A single glance at the cover of the book discloses the spooky nature of this read.

For those who enjoy scaring themselves to sleep at night when the moon is full and the darkness comes early, you will find all you seek in MESTACLOCAN.

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