We will be in Lompoc this Saturday morning, which is expected to be a perfect day with a high of 74 degrees and nothing but sunshine, particularly inside THE BOOKSTORE where Leslie Sevier, et al, will be their usual cheery selves, meeting your every need. I will be there as well, with my full line of Zack Tolliver, FBI adventures. The newest, and most exciting one yet, CANAAN’S SECRET, will be on full display. THE BOOKSTORE is known for carrying works of all local authors and I am proud to display my work among them.

If you read my series, or follow my blog, or simply wish to visit a town with perhaps more varied history than any other in North Santa Barbara County (Indian village, Portola slept here, mission home, rancho, stagecoach stop, smugglers’ haven, reform community, air and space center, sky diving center, and much, much more) you owe it to yourself to come on out.

I will read and sign my books for purchase, and I understand there is to be a special price for the entire Zack Tolliver, FBI series set. So come along, keep me busy, treat yourself to an unexpected Saturday outing.


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