Finding The Story

There’s a rather interesting puzzle that found its way into the story in my novel The Other, something I have yet to solve for myself. It’s an anomaly that is found near Coachella State Park just before Libby, Eagle Feather and Big Blue descend to meet Zack and the FBI team following their harrowing trek across the mountains. Big Blue follows a scent trail the entire distance only to lose it at a raised platform of rock that looks eerily as if constructed by ancient beings. When writing this part I did not intend for this to happen but when I looked down on the terrain they were crossing with Google Earth, there it was! You can see it for yourself. I have not seen it in person but I plan to make the effort next time I am in the Palm Springs area. It might be a shadow or it might be rock shaped by shadow. Or it might be just what it looks like, a large fortress like edifice overlooking the valley. Whatever it is, once I saw it I knew that Blue would lose the scent there and that Libby and Eagle Feather would be overcome by the power of the place.
If you should go there one day and find this rock rampart please tell me about it.

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