New Zack Tolliver Adventure

There is a new Zack Tolliver adventure in the works expected within the next few months. Its title is MESTACLOCAN and those of you who know what that is will have a sense of what’s coming. But this time Zack and Eagle Feather find themselves in a very different environment, one that does not lend itself quite so well to Eagle Feather’s tracking skills or Zack’s relentless pursuit. How will they adapt?

MESTACLOCAN  is the stand-alone sequel to THE OTHER and like its predecessor thrusts the reader into the midst of the action from the very start. This crime thriller moves at a fast pace and the bodies and clues pile up quickly. Zack  will need all the help he can get to solve this one.

I found writing THE OTHER a very engaging experience. It was a story which took on a life of its own as I created it. I suspect that my excitement and absorption in the process can be felt by the reader.

And MESTACLOCAN? Even more so. The many twists and turns along the way kept me guessing to the very end. And even then…?

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