About The Author

R Lawson (Rich) Gamble was born in New Jersey and raised in a family of avid adventurers.
As a young man Rich experienced life. He worked for Princeton University, Gallup, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Unitron, the Forestry Service, and National Cash Register, among others. He acted in summer theatre, directed music at Newport Theatre Guild, premiered an opera with the Newport Music Festival.
Rich attempts to quench his own need for adventure in every way possible. He has climbed Mt. Kenya, he has paddled his sea kayak along much of the New England coast, run the Boston Marathon, paddled whitewater in canoe and kayak, and sky dived.
His sense of adventure energizes his stories. His experience authenticates them.  His “desire to see what most people don’t get to see” is  shared with the reader on every page. The story moves swiftly, transporting the reader to places that truly exist, right now;  landscapes that the reader might wish to go to find and experience for herself.

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