The Series Begins!

With the addition of JOHNNY AND THE PREACHER, my new Western series, JOHNNY ALIAS, has officially begun. Conceived to portray the development of an Old West gunfighter from his childhood to manhood and a life lived with death’s shadow always hovering over him, the series resides in Johnny’s mind and heart as he travels from town to town, tracked by those who would test their speed of draw against him.

JOHNNY ALIAS books are written in the first person and we are part of the action. All Johnny Alias volumes are the same size, 8″ x 10″, branded with
the same cover. You’ll always know it belongs to the herd. The book is sized to fit in your pocket, your purse, or your saddlebag.

Opening the book, you’ll notice the neat rectangular paragraphs. The small but readable Garamond font (Size 10), brief paragraphs, and lack of indent contribute to this corral-like appearance. Besides a pleasant reading experience, this format helps when resuming your place after interruptions (like when the dinner gong sounds). Finally, each chapter is five pages long, so you won’t be caught between chapters when quittin’ time comes around.

This series is for escaping the moment, for venturing into another time and place, for tasting the trail dust in your mouth and hearing the whine of passing bullets. It is a window for you to become a fast draw gunfighter in the historical reality of the Old West.

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