Things To Come

With a feeling of freshness and newness swirling about the country, we feel a compunction to look forward to new future possibilities. In Lost Oasis, we meet an assassin of power and cunning who challenges Zack and Eagle Feather to the utmost. Now what?

Could it be the novel is a tipping point for the duo, a path leading to challenges heretofore unexplored? From the unexpected ending of Lost Oasis, the author is unraveling the thread of what comes next, following Zack’s lead into his next adventure.

Will he pursue or resist? Will he adhere to the plodding yet efficient restrictions of his official capacity within the agency or will he, as those progressives within his circle of friends suggest, utilize the autonomy inherent to the unusual responsibilities of his department to carve his own path in the name of justice?

We can only wait and see. But not long.

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