Payu’s Journey Free – At Last

PAYU’S JOURNEY has never been offered as a free book before. This gentle story is of a journey both spiritual and physical undertaken by a dingo named Payu in search of a legendary land of plentiful food and water where wisdom and kindness prevail. A place to raise the baby human fallen into her hands…uh, paws…for whom she feels growing responsibility and love.

Perhaps the things we all seek now.

On her journey from the harsh unrelenting environment of Australia’s Great Sandy Desert, she encounters other animals, lonely or lost, who are themselves in search of meaning and purpose and enroll themselves in Payu’s quest. Her companions, a diverse group of unlikely Australian animals, name themselves the Motley Band and together face the dangers of the Australian Outback–– the Death Adder, the Panka, wildfire, and deep river crossings.

We are pleased to offer PAYU’S JOURNEY free on Labor Day, September 7th, at, perhaps as a means to reflect upon our own personal hopes and desires for a new world of love and peace.

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