Purchased LOST OASIS at the presale price, please read this message from the author:

Thank you for purchasing LOST OASIS. I am certain you will find it entertaining. If you purchased the ebook at the $2.99 price you should be aware it has been updated since your purchase. Not content, but format, specifically a reduction in indentation for Kindle and similar readers to make your reading experience more enjoyable. This change might not be noticeable on many tablets and phones.

There are two ways to acquire this update. First, on your device, there may be an Automatic Book Update switch – be sure it is on. Second, go to Amazon.com and sign in, go to Manage your Content and Devices>Preferences>Automatic Book Updates and be sure it is turned on.

I am always interested in your reading experience. Please be sure to leave a review at the book site on Amazon.com. You may contact me if you wish at rlawsongamble@gmail.com. And as always, THANK YOU for purchasing my books.

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