“LOST OASIS” Newest Zack Tolliver, FBI Mystery

R Lawson Gamble’s newest Zack Tolliver novel is now available for presale at Amazon.com. The release date is June 1, 2020. The Presale price is set low but is expected to go up after release, so purchasing during presale is recommended.

Once again Zack Tolliver, FBI, and his unofficial Navajo partner Eagle Feather face a seemingly impossible case abandoned by other law enforcement agents as unsolvable or undesirable.

Modern science and high technology come up against deeply rooted cultures and ancient rituals in this Zack Tolliver, FBI, story in a place where the Eagle Mountains are surrounded by the goblin rock piles and barren flats of Joshua Tree National Park. A world-class scientist goes missing while consulting for a design team constructing a huge electric storage battery from the deserted pits of the old Kaiser Iron mines. Did this eccentric world-renown hydrologist simply wander off? Or was his fate more ominous? The project moves ahead, but FBI Supervisory Agent Janice Hooper asks Zack to take a look. When someone plants a bomb in his Jeep the day he arrives, Zack realizes there is something more at stake. Soon he finds himself in a desperate duel with an unknown assassin who may very well be more than his match.

“LOST OASIS” is true to the R Lawson Gamble formula of well-researched developments, locations, cultures, and circumstances that lend reality to his story, a novel where fact meets fiction. The action is continuous, with all the usual plot twists and turns of a Zack novel and (yes) a surprise ending.

2 thoughts on ““LOST OASIS” Newest Zack Tolliver, FBI Mystery

  1. Do you know when the book edition of the Lost Oasis will be available. I do not use electronic edition for reading. I don’t enjoy it as much and tend to skim and not read. Thank you.

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