Open Letter to Friends and Fans

My novel CANAAN’S SECRET, book 6 in the Zack Tolliver, FBI crime mystery series is in contention for two awards this September.

I have entered it in the annual READERS’ FAVORITE BOOK AWARD contest. It received unsolicited high praise from an editor in the editing services arm of the organization.

TopShelf Magazine staff nominated the book for entry in its 2019 TopShelf Indie Book Awards. It is entered in four categories.

Both contests are judged in September.

I believe CANAAN’S SECRET is of sufficient quality to win or place highly in these contests. It has a five star rating on Amazon and 4.46 average from 96 ratings on Goodreads.

But it has only 26 reviews on Amazon.

Amazon ratings are notoriously difficult to receive since Amazon has cracked down on rating mills and similar cheating devices (and that’s a good thing!). Reviews ideally come when the book content generates strong enough feelings in a reader to motivate the extra effort required to post one.

If you have not yet read CANAAN’S SECRET, I believe you will find it very entertaining. If you have read it, and enjoyed it more than most books, please consider posting a positive review.

The real task today for authors is to place their work before as many readers as possible. Winning or placing well in a national or international contest helps accomplish this.

Thank you.

R Lawson Gamble

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