Time To Load Up! Dollars & Sense

With the long Fourth of July weekend approaching, no one wants to be caught short of eBooks in their tablet library – at a good price, that is.

Retailers raise prices during the holiday. Books are no exception. I will keep my series eBook prices at $4.99, except the novella (The Dark Road) which will remain at $2.99.

Zack Tolliver, FBI series novel #7 Las Cruces is on Pre-sale at Amazon for $2.99 until July 3. After that, the price will be the same as the other books in the series – $4.99.

Las Cruces is a murder mystery built upon an actual murder mystery that occurred on the ancient land grant of the same name. Zack and Eagle Feather meet all the usual elements of danger, mysticism, multiple suspects, ancient and not so ancient cultures, this time combined with contemporary space technology (no aliens, though).

You can read about the circumstances of the original historic murder in previous blogs. The murder was never solved (I have my own theory, of course). You will find Las Cruces a fun, action-packed adventure that will keep you flipping pages. Enjoy!

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