Social Media Tips

At a recent writers’ conference we were addressed by Caroline O’Connell of Caroline O’Connell Communications. She was a fount of information, a fount that kept on flowing by eMail even after the conference was over. if you have the chance to see, hear, or meet her and you are selling a product, do not pass it up.

She suggests a primary focus on a book website (or if multi-book writer, an author website) that is the control center for everything via SM. Have a capture button to keep the communication going. And link all Social media together and all pointed at your website.

Her approach is quite similar to one I learned when studying the wine business. Although advertising, media, and the usual channels are important, the best-selling device for wine is the wine club. Why? Because it establishes a relationship, a cordial one, with those to whom you desire to sell. Here’s how it works:

The potential buyer drops by the tasting room. That customer is greeted warmly, made to feel comfortable, praised for his/her good taste, discernment, class (they came to our tasting room, after all!). After the tasting the customer is invited to consider joining the club because we saw that he/she enjoys good wine. The opportunity is presented as an honor. Think about it? Fine – just leave your contact information and we’ll send you all the information you need to decide.

Once we have that contact  information, we are connected to that potential customer. We can offer free stuff, invitations to events, special considerations. So when that customer considers buying wine, he/she considers our wine first. Successful sales are all about establishing relationships that are enjoyed by both parties.

See the parallel? Create your book website, invite travelers in via links from Facebook, Twitter, etc. Have a capture button at the website for guests to leave contact information. Give freebies. Build the relationship.

Thank you, Caroline O’Connell.


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