Last Week for Presale Purchase of Matilija

The Curse of Matilija will be delivered to those who purchased it on presale on June 30. With just over a week to go, 150 readers (so far) will find Zack Tolliver, FBI, #9 in their tablets, Kindles, and phones on that date. We bought our own just to join in the fun!

Typical of most Zack Tolliver, FBI escapades, Zack journeys with his friend Eagle Feather into new mysteries with novel twists in strange environments among different cultures. It’s always a page-turning ride through little known technologies, wilderness areas, and unsuspected dangers. You won’t want to miss out.

And the legends! In every Native American culture Zack and Eagle Feather visit, there are myths and stories handed down through the generations that touch the lives of the people in some way, and also our protagonists, for good or ill. Matilija’s Curse is no exception.

Join the fun and grab your copy of The Curse Of Matilija now on presale for just $2.99.

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