Excerpt From New Zack (Book #9)

While the cover reveal is still a couple of weeks away, we thought it would be fun to include a sample from the new Zack Tolliver, FBI novel. We are currently in the editing and finishing stage.

The tired black eyes flicked to Zack. “I have never experienced it before, but I had become the hunted. I sensed she had realized I was there and was looking for me.”
Zack gestured toward the drawn curtain. “She’s here, then.”
“Yes. Once I knew she was on my trail, the games began. I, too, doubled back, but she was expecting that and almost had me again. When night fell, I could no longer read sign, and the game rules changed. Then it was about listening, interpreting the night noises, blending into shadow, but always moving. Pausing to rest was not an option.”
Eagle Feather took another, longer sip of coffee. When he next looked at Zack, his eyes were full of admiration. “She is masterful,” he said. “I heard owls hoot. Too may of them, but I could not tell which was real, which was her. Even the tree toads sounded suspicious to me. How could I know where she was when I could not tell which night noises were real?” He grunted. “Then the moon came up, and the game changed yet again. Moving shadows. Was it tree branches in the night breeze, or a deer, or coyote? Or the one hunting me.”
“You’ve been up all night,” Zack said.
Eagle Feather nodded. “Once I realized she was deciding the rules of the game, and I could not win, it was time to try to escape. But she was expecting that, too. Once I stopped trying to locate her, once I began trying to lose her and get away, I sensed her always in front of me, turning me away, herding me like cattle. She seemed instinctively to know what I would do, where I would go. It was exhausting.”

We are excited for the release of THE CURSE OF MATILIJA, coming to bookstores near you this spring.

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