Johnny And The Preacher Pre-Sale Ends Soon!

You won’t want to chance missing the latest volume in the “Johnny Alias” western series from R Lawson Gamble, “Johnny And The Preacher“.

Escape your anxieties in pure fiction, a novel written in the true Western spirit imbued with a little danger, a little romance, a lot of mesquite and cattle, and a great gunfight.

Advance copyreader and seasoned newspaper columnist Pamela Dozois writes, “I know how hard it is to write in the first person, but because of your excellent wordsmanship, I was in Johnny’s head, in his heart, and standing next to him with my own (imaginary) Colt 45. I just finished your book, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED it! I couldn’t put it down. I just loved all the characters – they were so well constructed. I felt like I was right there with them every inch of the way. Surprises at the ending. You are a great storyteller.”

JOHNNY AND THE PREACHER is in the last week of presale at Amazon, at the lowest price allowable for wide distribution, $2.99. We encourage you to grab your copy now at

And then relax and enjoy!

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