First Time Free!

For the first time since its publication in June, the ebook LOST OASIS, book #8 in the Zack Tolliver, FBI, Western mystery series will be FREE.

This Indigenous Day surprise is in recognition of a special holiday for Eagle Feather fans and Zack Tolliver followers everywhere. ONE DAY ONLY.

Published in June 2020, LOST OASIS has already garnered 45 ratings resulting in a 4.6 out of 5.0 average at Amazon with excellent reviews. When first released, LOST OASIS held the #1 New Release position in New & Hot in the Native American Literature category for over a week.

LOST OASIS is currently in production to become an audiobook with recognized narrator Louis B. Jack, due mid-December.

Modern science and high technology come up against deeply rooted Native American cultures and ancient rituals in this Zack Tolliver, FBI, mystery from author R Lawson Gamble.

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