A Free Book Offer


We’ll be offering a FREE eBook from the popular Zack Tolliver, FBI, series every week or so on Amazon.com. to help you keep your reading stack alive during downtime. There’s nothing like a fast-moving murder mystery story to create a break from reality!

Our intent is to follow the series in order of publication. Having already offered a free day for THE DARK ROAD, the prequel, MESTACLOCAN, book number two, ZACA, book number three, and CAT, book number four, we now offer UNDER DESERT SAND for FREE on Friday, May 1……..Check the Amazon R. Lawson Gamble author page or RLawsonGamble.com for updates.

FOR THOSE WHO ENQUIRED, a free day for our first book, THE OTHER, was not offered because it is not KDP Exclusive, not by intention, but by a series of accidents. Because of that circumstance, it is too difficult to regulate the offer through all its sales channels fairly. However, each of the other books in the series will appear as free eBooks in the order they were published.

Finally, after we have finished offering each book in the Zack Tolliver, FBI, series, we will offer JOHNNY AND THE KID, our very popular new Western, FREE for one day.

We will announce the date for each free eBook several days in advance, so check back from time to time. Each will be free for one day only so it is important not to miss it. And please, if you enjoy the book, write a brief review and tell us about it. By doing so, you will encourage us to do this more often!

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