Coming Soon: “Lost Oasis”

My Zack Tolliver, FBI series continues with the latest adventures of Eagle Feather and Zack Tolliver in the forthcoming novel LOST OASIS, due May first. This mystery summons Zack to the desert wastes of the northernmost Eagle Mountains in the Sonoran Desert, once part of Joshua Tree National Park but later reclaimed by private interests for mining.

Here resides the largest contemporary ghost town in the U.S. and the remnants of the Kaiser Steel open pit iron mines. The deserted company town, a city unto itself at the time, was the birthplace of one of the most successful health plans of today, perhaps the only remaining tangible benefit of the operation.

Now the area is being repurposed as a reversible pumped storage facility, a huge hydraulic electricity storage battery in the desert. The concept is simple: fill a large reservoir with water, use solar power by day to pump the water to another reservoir at a higher elevation, then release the water to run back down hill by night, turning a turbine to generate electricity as it descends. Then repeat.

In LOST OASIS, world-renown scientist Carl Scheidecker, contracted by EverSun Corporation and Santini & Marsh Design & Construction Company, mysteriously disappears while inspecting sites in the desert. His tracks lead to an extinct oasis, then disappear. Foul play is suspected, but by whom? Zack is assigned to the case. But even as he begins his investigation, someone attaches a bomb to his Jeep and he barely escapes with his life.

As Zack begins interviews with company employees, he receives an unexpected call from his boss, Janice Hooper. She informs him the FBI investigation has been suspended and he is to pack it up immediately. Aware now that very powerful forces are afoot, Zack refuses to give up, particularly since Eagle Feather is somewhere out in the desert, unable to communicate, with a very dangerous assassin on the loose.

Be sure to keep an eye out for LOST OASIS on presale at Amazon. And until then, if you have missed any of the eight prior books in the series, visit my author page at and catch up.

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