We thought friends, fans, and readers might be interested in the results of our free book campaign for MESTACLOCAN, book #2 in the Zack Tolliver, FBI series. As of this morning (September 3, 8 AM PST) we have given away 2,500 eBooks (the campaign began yesterday). In all of Amazon free book campaigns at this time, these numbers position MESTACLOCAN #1 in Native American, #1 in Suspense, #6 in Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense, #20 in Literature & Fiction, #30 in Kindle eBooks (entire store) and #31 in Top 100 Free in (entire) Kindle Store.

Quite an accomplishment, we think. Although the exact number of free eBooks at Amazon during this time is a guarded secret, we believe the number is at least in the tens of thousands. Of course the mind turns to questions like “What if these numbers were purchased books, rather than free?” Yet the value of advertising cannot be underestimated. A free book in the hand of a satisfied reader can easily generate several purchased books. It’s all good.

Thank you for listening, participating, and being part of our adventure. Enjoy your worlds of fiction.





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