Dear Friends & Followers

As many of you realize, my latest Zack Tolliver book, Canaan’s Secret, is on Pre-Order at Amazon. I set the price at the lowest Amazon will allow until after the book is released. It will then go up in price to match the others in the series. This is an e-book. Some of you have asked about the paperback. There will be one, but not until later in the summer. I hope to manage paperback sales in a more coordinated way, which means collecting as many reviews on Amazon as possible and making other good preparation before the launch. It will certainly be available before Old Days (end of September for non-Alamosans), if not sooner. You will be the first to know.

In the meanwhile, do take advantage of the sale price for Canaan’s Secret in e-book format if you read digitally at all. The release day is Tuesday, May 29.

Thank you,

R Lawson Gamble

Addendum: We have explained in the past and will do so in the future that you may at any time elect not to have this column sent to you. Send your request as a comment, as an email to rlawsongamble, or tie a note to your favorite carrier pigeon. We’ll meet your needs. As to privacy, we wouldn’t know how to use your information even if we knew how to collect it! No worries there.

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