A Conference just for Indie Writers

The free on-line conference for indie writers and publishers, Indie Fringe, is coming around again. It happens at ten Saturday morning March 18. This is one of the best resources you never heard of. Again, it’s absolutely free. You do need to register, but that takes seconds. They just want your name and Email. Did I mention it’s free?

The focus this year is How to Write, Produce and Distribute A Book. That about covers everything I want to know. The conference is streamed as separate workshops direct from Olympia, London, and is one of the few events dedicated strictly to indie authors.

Visit selfpublishingadvice.org/what-self-publishers-need-to-know-now-ibf-2017 and push the Register Now button to get aboard.

Today 70% of all adult fiction sales are ebooks, 30% of them sold by indie authors. Then there’s audio, poised to sell on many more music platforms now that Apple and Audible (Amazon) have terminated their exclusive deal together. There will be sessions to address these topics. Then the question of how to advertise; should you pay for it? Use Amazon ads? What about Facebook ads? All of this will be covered.

All together Indie Fringe offers 24 sessions, all free (did I mention that?). Speakers include award-winning writers, international speakers, marketing experts, a representative from IngramSpark, website experts, illustrator experts, and so on. Don’t worry about missing a presentation because it conflicts with another. That’s the beauty of on-line conferences––it’s all there for you, just scroll down and find it.

It does take time to read/hear all that is written/said, but you would spend even more time at your local writer’s conference, wouldn’t you? Here, you can skip what you don’t want to hear, or leave half way through (no one will see you). I have volumes of material saved from last year’s conference that I still haven’t had time to read. But I will, I will!

So get aboard. There is no reason not to!

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