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Train Face adjusted

It is New Year’s Day and as my mind wanders back over the year just past I think of opportunities not seized and words not spoken. With each passing year these omissions grow in importance for me and I resolve to improve.

So often it is not the will to seize these opportunities that fails me but rather a lack of recognition of the importance of the moment; I fail to realize that the opportunity has arrived and that there might not be another.

A brand new year is like Confession – it clears the soul. It doesn’t erase past omissions but it offers new chances. I would find it very helpful to have a New Year every month or so.

But I have made my resolutions once again and in the spirit of fulfilling them I do not intend to let this opportunity pass to thank all of you who supported my writing efforts this past year, whether through purchases, great reviews, not so great reviews, proofing, reading, meeting, hosting, suggesting, spreading the word, and following.

A special word to my blog followers. I am pleased and honored that you find something in my words worthy of following. I will continually strive to improve my content. I will be using analytics to try to learn which topics interest you most, and make those the subjects for my posts. I will do my best to reward you for following. And I will follow you in return.

Resolutions are famously difficult to keep, but when viewed as opportunities to be seized, moments to be captured lest they disappear forever, they cease to be ordinary stressful exercises and become paths to fulfillment. May it be so for you in 2014.


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