New Novel Mestaclocan

MestaclocanAfter weeks and months of editing and a solid week of formatting followed by 6 attempted uploads, my second novel in the Zack Tolliver Series is uploaded to Amazon KDP Select.

I am told by my readers that Mestaclocan is even more intense and hard to put down than The Other.  The action moves to the big city, San Francisco, where Zack Tolliver and Eagle Feather become involved with some new characters and a most formidable killer.

My experience with formatting for Amazon was quite different from publishing on Smashwords. An advantage to the latter is the very thorough Style Guide made available  by Mark Coker. It takes you through the process step by step. There are guides for publishing on Amazon, but you need to go out and find them. Yes, you can simply move through the publishing steps one by one, but simple as that seems, there can be confusion resulting in less than perfect editions. After all your work, who wants that?

It is important to remember that Smashwords considers itself a publishing platform, and Amazon does not.

The details and differences of formatting and publishing with both are the subject of an upcoming post for this column. Stay tuned.

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