The Power Of Free

Yes, I have already written a post about the marketing technique of giving away books. Next to publishing multiple books, it is the most suggested marketing ploy. I mention it once again because I

am on the cusp of learning how effective it really is.


Six weeks ago I began giving away my eBook, THE OTHER. My publisher SmashWords kept a running toll of downloads for me. Each download meant a book in hand for a new reader. When I began this experiment, 18 books had been downloaded, according to the count.

Today is the last day for free books. The score? 100 books have been downloaded. The first part of the question has been answered: free moves books. I’ve noticed something else: I have more Amazon reviews. Why? Because more people have my book in hand and they have begun to read it. If the book is a quality work (and I believe mine is) then theoretically once people have begun to read it, they will post positive reviews.

The second part of the question is yet to be answered: will people continue to download the book at a price? Is there enough momentum from the give-a-way to spur curiosity? We’ll see.

I want to keep you current with my efforts and experiences. Once I believe I have the answer to the second question, I will write another post.

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