Finding Readers

My blog posts here are following a pattern: they describe my passage into the self-publishing world, page by page. The Other, my eBook offering that is now available for your Nook, Kindle, iPad or the like has had great reviews but few reads. It has become clear to me that one may write a gem of a book, compelling and perfectly  written (not that mine is, necessarily) and it could easily become the best book never read. The problem is discoverability. An eBook on the virtual shelf of an on-line retailer that is hidden beneath wave upon wave of other books may not be found until the apocalypse. So what’s a writer to do?

One piece of advice I’ve read is to have multiple books to sell, thus insuring more than one avenue of approach to your books, just as all roads led to Rome at one time.  Some say to publish a paper book edition of your book to attract readers to the same book from two quite different directions. Others say, give  your book away for free for six months or so; here the hypothesis is that readers are more likely to purchase your free book than you $1.99 book. Seems strange, but it may be true.

What do I intend to do? All of the above. I’ve published a paperback version and I’m finishing up the editing phase of a stand-along sequel to The Other with the title Mestaclocan. And I will give my eBook away for free…for a time, anyway. And I’ll be sure to report back to you on these pages. But don’t hold your breath. Each of these options could take a long, long time.

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