If you like free, you’ll like this. Readers of my Zack Tolliver, FBI mystery series can soon download my novella THE DARK ROAD for free in a compilation of stories titled WESTERN JUSTICE, a three for free western series how-did-it-all-start bonanza!

As my readers know, THE OTHER is the first book of the Zack Tolliver series and takes place ten years after Zack arrived on the Navajo Nation Reservation as a new FBI agent. But what was it like when Zack first arrived, fresh from the academy, new to the ways of the Navajo? How did he meet Eagle Feather, his future friend and mentor? What was his relationship with Jimmy Chaparral and the Navajo Nation Police at the start of it all?

THE DARK ROAD is that story, the start of the journey, and a new compelling mystery within itself. For Zack, it is the beginning of an endless experiential learning curve. For the reader, it is another story you won’t want to put down.

I partnered in this project with two other great western writers, each an author of a mystery series from the American west who want to take their readers back in time, to where it all began. I met Felix F. Giordano and  Mark Reps through my writing. They have each produced a novella  around the birth of the leading characters from their own popular series. I loved both of their stories and I know you will too.

We were one in our desire to make our stories free to our readers, a gift and an opportunity to get a sense from the beginning of what each series of novels is about. After all, are there ever enough good book series to read?

If you like the American West, if you like the contrast and partnership of lawmen and Native Americans, if you like battles for justice, for understanding, for respect, for the light or dark road, in short – if you like a good mystery, WESTERN JUSTICE is our gift to you. Find it on my author page on Amazon.

Note: If you like what you read, please be sure to write a review. Also, the current eBook price of $ .99 on Amazon is expected to drop to $0.00 shortly.

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